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Residential Visa
  1. Who may apply? : Following foreigners and their family intending to spend life in the Kingdom of Nepal shall be granted the resindential visa.
    1. Persons with international reputation,
    2. Persons capable of rendering outstanding contribution to the economic, social and cultural growth of the Kingdom of Nepal,
    3. Persons who have renounced the citizenship of Nepal and hold foreign passport with or without having obtained foreign citizenship and intend to settle down in Nepal,
    4. Persons making investment of at least one million American Dollars at on time, in an industrial enterpise of Nepal,
    5. Any foreigner intending to spend life in the Kingdom of Nepal without carrying on any business.

  2. What is needed to apply? :
    • Six copies of application forms with photographs.
    • Registration certificate of the industrial enterprise.
    • A copy of passport.
    • A copy of last Nepalese visa (if any).
    • Bank statement showing expenses equivalent to US$ 20,000.00 per year and
    • Health certificate ( only for those foreigners who are interested to settle down in Nepal, but are not engaged in any business).
    • No objection letter from consulate or embassy of their country.
    • Recommendation from Ministry of Home of Nepal.
    • Character Certificate from consulate, embassy or the Goverment of their country or the Nepalese Authority( for those who have stayed in Nepal in other visa).

  3. Where should the application be submitted? :
         -   Royal Nepalese Diplomatic Missions or Embassy abroad.
         -   Department of Immigration in Nepal.
  4. Issuing Authority :
        -   Department of Immigration with the approval from His Majesty's Government of Nepal.
  5. Renewal Authority :
        -   Department of Immigration. Note : According to the Immigration Regulation, the term family include husband, wife, father, mother and dependent son and daughter.
kinds of Visa
Source : Department of Nepal Embassy