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Non Residential Visa
Who may apply? :
  • Any foreigner of Nepalese origin residing in foreign country who wish to reside or conduct business, profession or Study, teach in any subject in Nepal, non-residential Nepalese visa may be issued to him/her and of his/her family.

    What is needed to apply? :
    • Six copies of application forms with photographs.
    • A copy of passport.
    • A copy of last Nepalese visa ( if he/ she have stayed in Nepal).
    • Health certificate
    • Recommendation letter of relationship from the concerned Embassy or village development committe or municipality
    • In case of student status of this visa recommandation from school or college or research institutions.

  • Where should the application be submitted? :
         -   Royal Nepalese Diplomatic Missions or Embassy abroad.
         -   Department of Immigration in Nepal.

    Duration :
    Upto 10 years, can be extended.

    Issuing Authority :
        -   Department of Immigration with the approval from His Majesty's Gevornment of Nepal.

    Renewal Authority :
        -   Department of Immigration.

    Fee :
        -   Issuance fee US$ 100 per year. For Student status of this visa category fee is US$ 50 per year. The visa fee is waived for those who are less than 16 years of age.
    Note : According to the Immigration Regulation, the term family include husband, wife, father, mother and dependent son and daughter.

    kinds of Visa
    Source : Department of Nepal Embassy