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Radio and Televisioin
Since the inception in 1999, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has been in forefront in promoting the Nepalese tourism with its continuous efforts in the international tourism arena. Despite best effort put together by NTB, His Majesty's Government and the private sector, its objective to make Nepal most premier holiday destination has not been achieved as desired due to the series of adverse socio-political & global socio-economic turn of events.

With the growing impact of media on international travelers felt lately, the idea of developing a Media Center emerged as a forum to disseminate correct and reliable information about Nepal's tourism. Recognizing media's role in influencing public opinion throughout the world, Nepal Tourism Board in consultation with various stakeholders has established Media Center within its existing set up. The media center aims to facilitate Nepal based foreign journalists as well as national media community by disseminating accurate information related to Nepalese tourism products and activities. This center also plays an active role by interacting with the international media in promoting Nepal and its image as premier destination.

Media Center is well equipped with human resources and electronic gadgets to support media community. It acts as a catalyst between news source and media and will provide accurate version of the news.


Working modality
The Media Center plays a pivotal role in NTB within its existing infrastructure. It regularly disseminates information related to Nepal's tourism to Nepalese and Nepal based foreign journalists. Membership card is being provided to all Nepal based foreign journalists and Nepalese journalists representing foreign media and foreign journalists interested in Nepalese tourism. The membership of NTB Media Center enables individuals in getting access to news source and will avail of facilities provided by Nepal Tourism Board and Nepal's tourism industry.
It organizes FAM trips from time to time for Media Center Members.
Details ToR for joining Membership Roster will be provided upon request.

Eligibility to be member
The following individuals, organizations and institutions can avail of following facilities:

Media representatives (National + International)
Visiting Media representatives
Scholars from the international sector who wish to undertake research on Nepal's history, geography, culture and the prospects of tourism industry
Individuals from resident representatives (Diplomatic mission & Aid agencies)
Professionals who can contribute to the promotion of Nepalese tourism industries

Facilities that Media Center offers
Internet service to media persons
Laser Printer
Fax and Telephone
Logistic support required to cover tourism related news.

Services to be provided
Information dissemination during the crisis with the close coordination with the Crisis Response Action Unit in cooperating victim, families of the victims and media.
Media Center provides update information about Nepal's tourism and related issues to all media and travel related organizations.
Provide travel related brochures, CD Rom, Posters and other reading materials printed by Nepal Tourism Board.
Liaison with government and non-government organizations in relation to facilitating their reporting assignment within Nepal.
Data update for the use of media.
Extend facilities in obtaining visa and trekking permit to special areas.
Recognize outstanding media persons for their contribution to Nepalese tourism.