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National Museum- it is one of India's most prestigious institution. The Indus valley gallery displays many antiquities excavated from Mohenjodaro and Harappa, like terracotta toys, images, and pots, jewellery, bronze and copper implements and sculputures. The most outstanding object here is the lyrical bronze Dancing Girl.
National Museum of Natural History- A prehistoric animal greets the visitor to the National Museum of Natural History preparing him for the collection of botanical, zoological and geological objects on view within.
Archaeological Museum- Situated in the historic Red Fort, the museum exhibits object of the Mughal period such as manuscripts and firmans, that demonstrate the fine art of calligraphy, painting, textiles and costumes.
National Rail Museum- The museum depicts 130 years of evolution and development of the Indian Railways.
Craft Museum- The Craft museum complex is a charming oasis of mud huts with painted walls and thatched roofs, courtyards, terracotta houses recreating village life.
Shankar's International Dolls Museum- The International Dolls Museum is a museum devoted to a display of dolls from all over India and abroad.

Museums in Mumbai
Bombay Natural History Society- The exhibits include replicas and specimens of vertebrates and insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes, all from the Indian subcontinent.
Prince of Wales Museum of Western India- The Prince of Wales Museum was designed and built to represent the ancient and medieval architectural styles of Western India. The art section at the museum has a collection of Indian Paintings representing its different styles and phases.