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Language in India
Hindi is the mother tongue of about 20% people in India and the most poular of all the languages spoken in India. It was declared to be the official (national) Indian language by the Constitution of India. English is the additional official language of India. Hindi and English are spoken and understood in most of the regions in India. Apart from Hindi and English, there are 18 regional languages of India.

Following is a list of languages spoken in India:

  • Assamese
    It is the language of Assam, spoken by nearly 60 percent of the population.
  • Bengali
    It is an official language of West Bengal.
  • Gujarati
    It is the official language of Gujarat, spoken by 70 percent of the population.
  • Hindi
    Hindi is the national language of India.
  • Kannada
    It is a language of Karnataka, spoken by 65 percent of the population.
  • Kashmiri
    55 per cent of the state's population speaks Kashmiri.

  • Malayalam
    It is the state language of Kerala.
  • Marathi
    It is an official language of Maharashtra.
  • Oriya
    Oriya is the official language of the State of Orissa.
  • Punjabi
    It is the official language of the State of Punjab.
  • Sanskrit
    Sanskrit is the classical language of India. It is also one of the oldest languages in the world.
  • Sindhi
    It is mainly spoken by a great number of people in the Northwest frontier of the Indian sub-continent comprising parts of India and Pakistan.
  • Tamil
    It is the State language of Tamil Nadu.
  • Telugu
    It is a language of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Urdu
    The state language of Jammu and Kashmir is Urdu.