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Dhakuta Tour, Tour in Dhankuta Dhakuta Tour, Tour in Dhankuta Dhakuta Tour, Tour in Dhankuta
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Baraha Chetra
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     Outside Nepal

Although Dhankuta is only 75km by excellent road from the Terai, it seems more like a million miles. This hill town is being developed as a regional center of eastern Nepal. It is quite a large town with good views, mild climate and plenty of interesting walks in the surrounding areas. The town owes prosperity to the fact that it was a major recruiting center for Gurkha regiments of the British Army. Quite a bit of British aid money has been spent in the viciuity.

Access: Dankuta is linked by excellent highway from Dharan. Regular bus services are available.

Accommodation: Dhankuta is facilitated with a number of hotels and lodges for average to luxurious accommodations.

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