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The inhabitants of Bhutan are warm, simple, hard working and open. They are peace loving and have a lively sense of humor. Bhutan's people fall into three broad ethnic groups. The Sharchops, believed to have been the earliest inhabitants of the country, live largely in the eastern regions. The Naglops are the descendants of Tibetan immigrants who came to Bhutan from about the 9th century onward, settling primarily in the west. The third sections of population are the Nepalese, who began to settle in the south towards the end of the last century.
Predominantly Buddhist, the Bhutanese practice the Drukpa Kagyupa sect of Mahayana Buddhism. Religion has saved the history of nation and continuous to play an important role in the life of the god faring and spiritual people. All over Bhutan evidence of this can be seen in many religious monuments and symbols that have been erected. Practically every Bhutanese home has an altar were daily religious observance are carried out by the family. Monks are held in high respects and play an active part in community life and in the government.